Configuring the YAML file

This is an example for the YAML file :

      user : "---"
      host : "---"
      database: "---"
      password  : "---"
      port: 0
   - name: "gasTank1"
     apiKey: "---"
     chainId: 0
     providerURL: "---"
        - "address1"
        - "address2"
        - "address3"


Here you add your database information as known including user, host, database, password, and port.

Note that for a host.docker.internal in case of local database.


This is an array of gas tanks, where each gasTank should include the following:

name: The name of your gas tank

apiKey : Biconomy apiKey for this gasTank

chainId: The chain id for this gas tank

providerURL : Link to your private provider

whiteList : an array of contracts addresses this gas tank is allowed to interact with.

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