What is Zerowallet

Users can use your dapp onchain without having to install a wallet or paying gas

Zero wallet is an SDK that allows developers to allow users to make on chain interactions without having to install a wallet or pay gas fees.

Zerowallet is ideal for non-financial transactions in dapps. Some examples :

  • Creating a post on an on-chain social media (E.g Lens)

  • Storing data on a SaaS product, on-chain (E.g Questbook)

  • An identity app to create and store credentials (E.g. Credport)

Zero wallet creates a throw-away wallet in-(d)app the first time a user opens the dapp. The wallet is retained in persistent storage. For example, on browser - localStorage and in mobile apps in SharedPreferences

We do not recommend this wallet to be used in financial transactions because, of the lower security of an in-app wallet. Metamask, Phantom or WalletConnect are more secure.

Zerowallet is best used in dapps where the transactions need to be recorded on chain for the purpose of censorship resistance and permanent record of behaviour.

The integration is simple and consistent with libraries like ethers.js and wagmi

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